Kuwait Airways ADV

Kuwait Airways has chosen Agenzia Brand to carry out its advertising campaign on Milan, in view of the opening of a new intercontinental air route that will connect Milan Malpensa to Kuwait City.

Brands take side

Communication has always sought to develop an emotional dialogue with the consumer, establishing a bond that went beyond mere trade, but made the brand something more than a simple product.

OKI Viscom

The doors have been closed at Viscom and, thanks to Agenzia Brand, the OKI booth had record results both in terms of visitors and acquired commercial leads.

Federer Uniqlo

Divorces are never painless, especially when another person is involved or as in the case of Roger Federer and Nike, another brand. The news that the tennis king decided to abandon his twenty-year-old sponsor to get dressed as UNIQLO, a Japanese mid-range clothing brand, dates back a few months ago. The news as unexpected as clamorous makes us wonder who, in this match between brands and champions, has won.

Buonarroti confectionery

The Buonarroti confectionery, a historic confectionery reality on the Milanese scene with almost 100 years of history, has chosen AGENZIA BRAND and KAOS MARKETING to start a process of rebranding.