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In Brand to business b2b the relationship between company and agency of mk and/or communication starts from particular and delicate dynamics and is based on a rational and considered choice. In fact, the B2B interlocutor is another company, which follows long and structured purchasing processes and does not throw itself on a product or service with the enthusiasm of the consumer.

It is therefore necessary not only to understand the internal processes of a company, but also to possess an important corporate reputation.

The corporate reputation becomes fundamental for companies dealing with Brand to business B2B because those who choose a business partner need to consider it reliable and credible, with a solid, positive and reassuring image: a perfect brand for their business.

This kind of marketing has its peculiarities and its difficulties and, to obtain satisfactory results, it is necessary to know how to understand the sector in which you want to operate and how to communicate properly. That’s why having experience makes the difference.

Agenzia Brand has existed for more than 30 years and in its name it has found its destiny: B2B, business to business or, better said, brand to business.

Brand Agency, working with Brand to business B2B customers for years, has experienced first hand what it means to be a brand to business and consequently has learned to speak the ideal language to present itself as a safe partner, with a corporate reputation of excellent level, and know how to use a rational communication strategy and information. The product should not be told as you would with a consumer, but should be explained with all the necessary information and values, trying to meet those sought by the customer as safety, reliability, quality, etc …

The agency has focused on B2B customers, i.e. companies that speak to business and not to consumers, and are a brand at the service of a business.

Some of the agency’s B2B clients are: Alphabet, Manini Prefabbricati, TomTom Telematics, Conforma, C.M.Bernardini.

You are a B2B company, and you want to improve your business?! Choose a partner who knows what you are talking about! Choose a brand that serves your business!