OKI press conference

A sparkling press conference at the Bersi Serlini winery
Once again Agenzia Brand, in collaboration with Kaos Marketing, has worked alongside OKI Europe for the realization of a successful event: the press conference for the presentation of the new C800 series printer.

The agency has worked with passion to organize a unique event, which took place in the evocative location of the Bersi Serlini winery in the beautiful Franciacorta.

The agency was responsible for organizing the press conference, involving journalists and influencers, creating the invitations and graphics of the event, taking care of every detail of the preparation of the products on display.

The new printer of the multinational company wants to further underline the will of the company to continue its journey in the retail market, following its evolution and development, and making in-store communication more versatile, simple and immediate.

During the press conference, journalists from leading trade publications had the opportunity to talk and discuss with the managers of OKI Europe Ltd, discovering the wide range of application possibilities of the new printer.

The event was enriched by the presence of Anna Bertolini, influencer and journalist of the sector, chosen by Agenzia Brand for her skills.

During an engaging presentation, the influencer spoke about the importance of visual communication and unveiled the little secrets to an audience of over 100 customers and prospects.

The result, conveyed by the precise work of Agenzia Brand and its staff, has been a success for both journalists and OKI Europe Ltd. The location of the Bersi Serlini winery in Franciacorta proved to be a winning choice to present the new OKI Printing Solutions printer and to show what it can do in-store. In addition, the quality of its products and service delighted the guests.

From design to communication to graphics, Agenzia Brand uses its experience to create all-round press conferences and events with an important strategic value for its customers. PR is one of the agency’s flagships and has once again proved to be an excellent partner for OKI Europe.