1987 – 2018

For more than 30 years in the world of communication!

Our Story

Survive to the technological jumps, the obsolescence of the tendencies, and the changes of market sector, has prevented us to annoy and rest on laurels.

And so, we are still ready for every new experience, cool and lively like a boy, but with the advantage of a long history.

The network has changed the game and digital natives have entered effectively in the world of New Media. AGENZIA BRAND has taken up the challenge and combined the experience gathered in 30 years of experience with the new computer skills.

A winning combination for companies which are projected in Web 3.0 and look for customer interaction all over the world. 


1985 > 1987 > 1988-1992 > 1993-1996 > 1997-1999 > 2000-2002 > 2003-2006 > 2007-2008 > 2009-2012 > 2013-2014




Agenzia Brand – Kaos Marketing – Agenzia Digital 

Agenzia Brand e Kaos Marketing team up and join their platforms. The two Milanese societies have decided to combine their skills in the digital field by creating the specific business area Agenziadigital:

– LANDING PAGES MANAGER  web based software for landing pages generation. 

– CREATHEAD creatives community

– LOYALTY CLUB  web based software for customer retention.


2017agenzia brand 30 anni

Agenzia Brand turns 30 and looks at the future!

Agenzia brand has reached an “old age” and a leading position in the Milano communication agencies panorama.

It is like a beautiful woman that is living her full maturity but keeps the curiosity of a young girl, open to the new, but certain of her past. Traditional communication and digital communication find an innovative but experienced home.



Agenzia Brand launches Landing Pages Manager, a web based platform to manage the digital campaigns of sales network. (https://www.landingpagesmanager.com/en/)


2009 – 2014

Agenzia Brand: communication at the time of crisis!

2009 is the year in which the world and Italy in particular discover that they are plunged into a crisis that will prove to be structural. How to communicate with smaller budgets, magazines declining circulation and readership, TV increasingly fragmented and vertical plays dive?

AGENZIA BRAND answered with measurable strategies and oriented network. Thanks to the indoor gym of CREATHEAD, AGENZIA BRAND has developed new skills and services in the area of Social Networks, Digital PR, Email Marketing, CEO and Web Reputation.

AGENZIA BRAND also became GOOGLE PARTNER CERTIFICATE and develops Local, National and International SEM campaigns. The attention to the changes and optimization of company resources, optimization and scalability of the budget and the measurability of the results are our weapon to better communicate the services and products of our partners.


2007 – 2008

Agenzia Brand-Kaos: the success of a structural partnership procedures!

The working partnership between the two structures, which occurred with the unification of the logistics headquarters in the office of Milan Naviglio Grande, was the novelty of these years! The two structures, have embarked on a path of cooperation and interaction skills and professional experience to offer to the market a package of services in marketing communications increasingly extensive and exhaustive.

KAOS-Strategie di Cambiamento is a management consulting company specializing in the fields of Marketing / Strategy / Communication, which has been successfully operating for almost 10 years.

The synergy with the skill sets in AGENZIA BRAND allowed to reorganize the Business Units of the two structures qualified to bid in these business areas : STRATEGIC&OPERATING MARKETING & ADVERTISING & PROMOTION PR & COMMUNICATION WEB DESIGN & DEVELOPMENT

2003 – 2006

Creativity, creativity and even creativity, with professionalism and timing. AGENZIA BRAND starts a new and unusual challenge. CREATHEAD born, a community that shares the creativeness as distinctive value of Man and that is ready to play with it.
CREATHEAD offers the opportunity to know, to deepen, to advise, to create the best conditions for the development of the creative potential of each individual. Visit the website www.creathead.com

2000 – 2002

New worldwide web partnerships allowed the agency to increase capacity and to be in effect Virtual Pop.
Kaos is born, a specific management consulting company that deals with marketing, strategy and training, with a multidisciplinary approach.

1997 – 1999

AGENZIA BRAND starts the new era of Internet. It is born a new medium, a new commercial channel, a new world we want to be part of it!
We implement our presence in Information Technology with the acquisition of new significant customers. The structure adapts the new media as regards both the competences, both as regards the equipment.

It is also born the Web Designer figure and Agenzia Brand designs and produces internally its first websites.

1993 – 1996

Ramps for us the computer industry: one after another agency come into major customers operating in Information Technology … most of our creativity focuses on computers, printers, fax machines, CDROM software.
Leaving campaigns, promotions, special events, stands, packaging

1988 – 1992

It pursues a sector diversification.
AGENZIA BRAND makes a good experience in the field of professional beauty and perfumes, with studies of packaging, corporate identity, small campaigns.
These are the years of unusual as deep” experience in a particular world, that of agriculture: from country to country we have become almost experts fertilizers, food supplements and selected seeds.


Another corporate input in AGENZIA BRAND.
The new partner comes from marketing/strategic area and it goes to protect these skills within the structure. Business Plan, Co-Marketing, Core-Target concepts become daily bread for our most hardened creative.


There is a significant turning point in the fortunes of AGENZIA BRAND.
An industrial partner joined the company, representing a pool of chemical-pharmaceutical companies.
The company becomes Srl and starts a beautiful immersion in those sectors: promotion, advertising (printing and TV), study of names, corporate identity… etc.


AGENZIA BRAND born from the classic” creative couple: a brilliant art and an equally bright copy.
The newlyborn starts with graphic works, studies of brands, small campaigns in local character.