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Sometimes, the Plus of product are the ideal choice and do the difference, but the competitive benefit is more and more reduced. Always of more the complicity with the customer and the creativeness are to the base of a good advertising strategy. But if the moneys are a few, very few, does behaviour? How to create emotions and convince who’s bombed by thousands of messages and from millionaire budget?
Agenzia Brand believes that in the relation between Agency, Customer, end User is the winning mix to get eggs with surprise and hens from the gold eggs.


Below the line activity
AGENZIA BRAND applies the “mix concept of communication” and acquires all available information on the target to stimulate the Trade, search new distribution channels, and reward the consumer. What is the Discount, the Game, the Gift, the Contest, the Lottery, the Premium, the Continuity Program or the TV Promotion, the variety of instruments to disposition allow to realize always effective and cutomize promotions.
The use of the new technology, combined to classics technical of incentive have projected Agenzia Brand in the forefront to the Net Promotion: try to sell.