In the digital age we are all more exposed to the opinion of the network.

Companies and professionals, expose their image every day to an increasingly wider public, increasingly capable of making judgments and expressing opinions.
web reputation
These conversations influence opinions and the perception of value.
It is therefore important to listen to the voices circulating online and, where necessary, intervene.
Monitoring the online reputation best known as Web Reputation is a useful and advantageous activity. It consists particularly in verifying the public image of the applicant. Special tools and interpretative professionalism are needed to cross-check the data emerged, to elaborate a summary, produce a summary document, give concrete answers and, if necessary, offer services to face the problems encountered.
The “sentiments” that emerge from the network can tell us a lot. Processing them can help improve our reputation.
Brand Agency offers 3 Basic, Medium and Premium packages completely customizable according to your needs!
Each step can be subscribed individually or integrated to others with extremely advantageous solutions!
Why choose Brand Agency?
Thanks to the support of a software that analyzes the data, “human eyes” that scan the network and a team of analysts who interpret the results and intervene in critical cases, we are the ideal solution in terms of reliability and professionalism.
Our packages to monitor your Web Reputation may reveal “hot” material and are therefore highly confidential.

Web Reputation Basic
Web Reputation Medium
Web Reputation Premium
Keywords monitoring
Priority Report (online conversations last year)
Quantitative Report
Report Sentiment
Contextual Map
Qualitative Report
Consulting strategy intervention
Corrective Buzz Marketing activity
Proactive Buzz Marketing activity

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