Agenzia Digital is the result of the experience of Agenzia Brand and Kaos Marketing, two Milanese companies linked by companies that have been dealing with advertising, marketing, off-site and onsite communication for over 30 years. They have decided to channel their skills and experience in the digital field with the creation of a specific common Business Area Digital Agency.

Logo Agenzia Digital 2018Why Agenzia Digital?
Nowadays the digital approach to communication requires a mix of knowledge with integrated supports of technology, web marketing and branding web development. Creating a digital division was essential in order to support the customers of our two companies by creating new synergies between them and opportunities for our current and future customers. For over 10 years we have been at the forefront of the Digital world and innovators with ad hoc solutions and our own proprietary software.

What does Agenzia Digital want to do?
We want to support in a targeted way the customers who present themselves in the digital arena, helping them to define objectives appropriate to the commitments and control parameters consistent with the new metrics. But we also want to host digital experiments and laboratories, creating a fertile environment for generating business opportunities.

What does our initial proposal include?
Agenzia Brand and Kaos have decided to work closely together on the definition of new products and the joint marketing of some existing products. We start from a “suite” of digital activities, managed through the use of proprietary computer platforms that follow the entire life cycle of the relationship with the customer and his creative project.

For over 10 years innovators in the digital world
The products with which we begin this new adventure are three in the first instance: Creathead, Landing Pages Manager, Loyalty Club. More will be added shortly.

logo creathead -The Community of Creatives and Creativity
CREATHEAD is a community of thousands of creative professionals certified by millions of visits that offers visibility or organizes creative contests online. The Creative Showcase offers visibility to young and old, professionals and students, creative and creative, established and new designers, who have made or want to make creativity their profession and in some cases their life. CREATHEAD was founded in 2005 with the aim of also offering advertising and communication agencies, studios and consultants support in the world of creativity in order to share and implement common projects.



Logo Landing Pages 1The Web Based platform for the generation of new leads 
Landing Pages Manager is the innovative web-based platform to generate new leads for companies that need to support their sales network in managing online campaigns. Landing Pages Manager is the ideal tool for the digital campaign manager who has to support branches, retailers and agents to manage landing pages in line with the brand guideline, plan autonomously the budget of digital marketing campaigns and constantly monitor data. The goal? Lead generation!





logo loyalty clubThe Web Based Platform to Manage Loyalty Program

Loyalty Club is a BtoB and/or BtoC platform through which the company is able to create and monitor Loyalty Programs and Dynamic Promotions. Loyalty Club is useful to push the sale of its products and services and to build loyalty among the Reseller Channel, Agents and Commercial Officers, and End Customers. Loyalty Club Contains fully customizable theme award catalogs, simple point charts and manageable by the company’s marketing with timely reports on the trend of sales. Loyalty Club is flexible and adaptable to every business need.

Some of our digital services:

Email Marketing

Web Reputation

SEM (Pay per click campaigns) – Google Adwords Certified Partner

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Programmatic advertising


Native Advertising

Web Analytics

Web Conversion

Social Media Marketing

Web design & development

eCommerce for B2B and B2C